Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exercise 12

Estonia is to the south of Finland. Estonia is a very small country. The people in Estonia speak Estonian. There are many small lakes and rivers. There are many low hills. There are no high mountains in Estonia. There are a lot of forests. There are pines, spruces, and birches. Estonia has too few national parks. The national symbols of Estonia are the swallow and the cornflower. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. The president of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zimbabwe There are 12,746,990 people in Zimbabwe. Khoisan people occupied the area about 5000 years ago or earlier. They depicted scenes of life in rock paintings across Zimbabwe; these are known as the Bushman paintings.Britain's Lord Soames was appointed governor to oversee the disarming of revolutionary guerrillas, the holding of elections and the granting of independence to an uneasy coalition government with Joshua Nkomo, head of ZAPU. In the free elections of February 1980, Mugabe and his ZANU won a landslide victory.[22] Mugabe won the re-election.
In 1982, Joshua Nkomo was ousted from his cabinet, sparking fighting between ZAPU supporters in the Ndebele-speaking region of the country and the ruling ZANU. A peace accord was negotiated in 1987, resulting in ZAPU's merger (1988) into the ZANU-PF.
Capital(and largest city)
Harare17°50′S 31°3′E / -17.833, 31.05
Official languages
Recognised regional languages
Shona, Sindebele
Semi-presidential, parliamentary, consociationalist republic (led by ZANU-PF and MDC)
Robert Mugabe
Vice President
Joseph MsikaJoice Mujuru
Prime Minister
Morgan Tsvangirai
Deputy Prime Minister
Arthur MutambaraThokozani Khuphe
President of the Senate
Edna Madzongwe
from the United Kingdom
November 11, 1965
April 18, 1980
390,757 km² (60th)150,871 sq mi
Water (%)
January 2008 estimate
13,349,0001 (68th)
33/km² (170th)85/sq mi
2008 estimate
$2.2 billion (158th)
Per capita
$188 (179th)
Gini (2003)
56.8 (high)
HDI (2007)
▲ 0.513 (medium) (151st)
Dollar ($) (ZWD)
Time zone
Central Africa Time (UTC+2)
Summer (DST)
Not observed (UTC+2)
Internet TLD
Calling code

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is the motto of USA ?
What is the national bird of USA ?
What is the motto of Washington D.C. ?
What is the name of smallest state ?
What is the name of largest state ?