Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise 9
Our English class is on the 4th floor. It´s a very big room. There are 34 desks and chairs in it. There are no pictures on the wall. There are 13 students in the classroom. There are computers on every desk.
Exercise 8
1. There are a lot of towers in Tallinn. 2 There are a lot of tourists in London. 3 There are 25 students in our class. 4 There are two posters in my room. 5 There is a CD-player in our English class. 6 There is a big rock behind our house.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

masks for the living and the dead, for fun and for illusion. Maskid elavatele ja surnutele, lõbuks ja illusioonidele.
Enter or edit your contact details. Sisene või muuda sinu kontaktide detaile.
Holidays made easy with British Airway. Vaheajad on tehtud kergeks Briti Lennuteega.
What does the Royal Household do? Mida Kuninglik Majapidaja teeb?
Are you interested in keeping bees? Kas oled huvitatud mesilaste hoidmisest?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


1. I´m in class 5 now
2. This is my 9th schoolday
3. I´m 11 years old
4. My deskmate´s name is Allar
5. He is 11 years old.
6. There are 31 students in our class.
7. There are 13 boys and 16 girls.
8. My English teacher´s name is Ingrid Maadvere.
9. My class teacher´s name is Helina Reino.
10. The head of our school is Hendrik Agur.